Honolulu Shuttle Service: The Five Most Beautiful Cities in Hawaii

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Beyond Hawaii’s natural landscape, unending shore line, wildlife, and memorable treks, the island is dotted with countless cities each displaying its unique beauty. You might never make it to visit every city in Hawaii but we have reviewed and picked the top 5 beautiful cities.

Kihei, Maui

A drive to the southwest shoreline of Maui will take you to Kihei, located in the drier part of the island. The beauty of this city will feed your eyes with numerous scenes more than you can accommodate. Its white sand beach is almost six miles long and you cannot wait to get yourself wet in its blue waters. Kalama and Kamaole are some of the parks you can visit with your entire family. Food is in plenty in Kihei because it’s lined with exotic restaurants, a farmer’s market, welcoming cottages, and hotels. To complete your breathtaking tour of Kihei, you need to hire the experienced Honolulu Airport Shuttle Service.

Kailua, Oahu

Venturing into the windward side of Oahu, the Hawaiian island opens up to another new experience. There are many attractions Airport Transfer Hawaii can drive you to. A hike to the Lanikai Pillbox will leave you desiring for more. After viewing the Mokulua Islands in the background, head to the calm waters at Lanikai Beach and enjoy some water sport. There’s more water to wet your hands at Kawainui Marsh, surprisingly the largest marsh on the island. You will not dip yourself inside, but you can view the 800-acre marsh from a viewpoint. Don’t let the sun go down without satisfying your appetite with mouthwatering local food and you will be ready to board the Waikiki Airport shuttle to head back to your hotel for the night.

Lahaina, Maui

Maui seems to boast as a top destination for Hawaii’s best attractions. Another city in Maui is the seaside town Lahaina. Most famous for its Front Street, you need a full wallet here because you might spend hours upon hours shopping. The Winter season is the best time to visit this city because hundreds of Pacific Whales tour Lahaina’s shores to display their massive bodies and excellent swimming capabilities. Punakea Palms is a large coconut plantation where you can fill your stomach with coconut recipes. If you want more food, ask the Waikiki Airport shuttle driver to take you to Sale Pepe and enjoy their select pizza and pasta. Don’t miss the red rays of the sunset and the best place to view them is Front Street.

Hanalei, Kauai

Hanalei Bay Pier is the major attraction in this small city in Hawaii. The city is recovering from flooding devastation that caused huge damages to the city. There is still a lot to satisfy your eyes like the Waioli Huiia Church, and the numerous shops that reopened their doors recently. The hilly landscape has a lot to tell about the formation of these vast islands.

Honolulu, Oahu

Honolulu is a favorable place for both local and international tourists. The city is Hawaii’s capital. The linear city extends approximately 10 miles long and 4 miles wide. Honolulu has every attraction you can ever think about. From luxury hotels to extensive beaches, shopping places, zoos, landmarks, and friendly people. 

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