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Highest Quality Private Honolulu Airport Shuttle to Kahala Service

Sure, you could take a cab or bus from Honolulu Airport to Turtle Bay. But, the trip is more than an hour. You’d be cramped and miserable, worse if you’re traveling with family or others.
None of that happens with our private shuttle service. In fact, it’s basically a sightseeing trip on its own. We’ll take you through legendary Haleiwa town. You can see the North Shore surf,

Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian mountain ranges, and so much else that the island has to offer. You’ll be able to do this in our spacious and clean shuttles, too.
We believe peace of mind is highly important. So, we have child car seats available.

We’ll be there to pick you up when you land, loading and unloading your luggage as necessary. We’ll be there to get you when it’s time to go back to Honolulu International Airport, too. All of this is available for a flat rate. No hidden fees. Ever.
To book our service online today, just go here.

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