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Shuttle Transfer from Honolulu Airport to Waikiki

Top Honolulu Airport Shuttle to Waikiki

We believe that an airport shuttle service should be more than just transportation. It should be an experience. In a very real way, it’s an introduction to the city. As a first impression for your trip, it establishes a baseline for what paradise will be like. We take this responsibility seriously. So, we make sure that this once-in-a-lifetime experience gets the care and consideration it deserves.

Whether it’s your first time to the islands or your thousandth, we make this moment count.
Of course, most importantly, we make sure that you transfer to your Waikiki hotel effortlessly, too!

Ways to Get to Waikiki from the Honolulu Airport

You’ve flown for (presumably) hours to get to Waikiki. Do you really want to step off of a plane and then have to sit on a bus? Does “rent a vehicle, load all of my stuff in myself, and then drive to the hotel” really feel like a good idea?
Of course not.

Our private shuttle service takes care of all of that for you. We’ll track your flight, be there when you land, then load and unload all of your items for you. You can book your shuttle online today right here.

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