About Us


Our transportation service is about one thing:

Your comfort. Your luxury.

Everything we do is centered around that. It’s been that way since the very beginning. For years, we’ve helped folks from all over to get to where they need to go. Many of us are natives and have spent our entire lives in Hawaii. So, we’re very glad to be able to show off our incredible homeland to everyone who comes by. When we created our company, we looked at what other services were doing so that we could make the “best of all worlds.”

So, that meant flat rates. Expanded services. Easy ways to get extra space, comfort, luxury, and more. It certainly meant tracking flights so that we could be there for our customers when they needed us. During the 2020 pandemic, it meant following all the COVID-19 protocols, too. While we’re proud of what we offer, we’re always looking for ways to make our services better, too.
For the best Waikiki shuttle trip to and from your hotel, allow us to be the first to say: “aloha!”

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