Waikiki Shuttle Service: What Makes Hawaii Beaches So Popular

Hawaii Airport Transfer

Two of the most popular vacations are the Caribbean Islands and Hawaii. For the enchanted islands in the Pacific, tourists go there because of the mouth-watering seafood, soft sand, the surf, and the Hula. Moreover, the Hawaiian islands have their own natural diversity and beauty, so it will take more than a single visit to experience everything the islands have to offer. As you board your Waikiki Airport shuttle and go to the island, remember these reasons why Hawaiian beaches are so popular.

Gorgeous colors

Hawaii’s colorful sands millions of years to create through wave action and erosion. On the Big Island, the places covered with jet-black lava have beaches with black-colored sand. On the western coast toward Kailua-Kona, the sands have a finer texture and a mixture of colors. The beaches on the Big Island are more pebble-like, except in parts of the Kohala Coast and Waikoloa. Hapuna Beach State Park in Kohala has one of the biggest white sand beaches on the Big Island, thanks to the offshore coral reefs and the parrotfish that feed on the coral algae. These fish digest the algae, then eliminate bits of coral.

Clear water, clean sand

When your Waikiki Hotel Shuttle takes you to the beach, you will see that unlike the beaches in other countries or states, those in Hawaii clean sands and waters. You won’t see any river run-off, sewage, rotting kelp plies, or excessive amounts of trash. This means that when you swim in the water, you will feel safe and come out feeling a lot fresher and cleaner too.

There’s something for everyone

Are you looking for powerful and big waves or calm waters for wading and swimming? Do you want to meet a lot of people or you want to spend time alone? Would you rather have a lava field or palm trees? Do you want to lay on black, golden, green, or red sand? If you want any or all of these, Hawaii is your perfect destination. Hawaii’s beaches are extremely varied and offer almost all kinds of scenarios you can imagine.

Wonderful climate

After booking your Hawaii Airport Transfer, you can start enjoying the climate of Hawaii. For most parts of the year, you will experience sunny days. Although there are regions where there is hardly any rainfall, it doesn’t mean that these places are barren, lifeless, and rocky. Despite less precipitation, life still thrives. In most of the islands, you will experience pleasant sea breezes and if you stay on the leeward side, you won’t experience rainy days. Nights are equally pleasant too.

Get what you need

You can avoid the hassle of booking services in Hawaii if you arrange your round-trip airport transport in advance. You need a convenient form of transport that will take you from Honolulu International Airport to your cruise terminal or hotel, then back again. A well-planned vacation will give you more time to enjoy your trip. We at Gogo Transport will help with your transport needs while you’re in Hawaii. Call us now at (808) 436-0005.

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