Hawaii Airport Shuttle Experts on Packing Tips for the Day Out in Waikiki

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Waikiki is never short of attractions and there is so much you can accomplish in a day. The items to pack in preparation for your day out might differ depending on the places you will be heading to. Write down the list of everything you need and tick each item after placing it perfectly in the bag. Although needs might differ, there are items on your list that you should not leave behind.

Waterproof camera

Waikiki’s main attraction is its sandy strip oceanfront. Its series of beaches are perfect places for swimming and a variety of water sports. Duke Kahanamoku beach is ideal for swimmers. Other ideal activities to do are canoeing, surfing, snorkeling, and boogie-boarding. Once the Honolulu Airport Shuttle drops at the beach, they will give you all freedom to enjoy your day uninterrupted. You don’t want to miss the action memories due to the lack of a camera. Pack a waterproof camera to avert any fear of damaging your camera in the water.

A travel towel

Heavy and fluffy towels take time to dry and you might take home a wet towel after your day out in Waikiki. If you sunbathe and spend hours surfing or swimming, you don’t want to walk with water dripping from your body as you head to the waiting Honolulu Shuttle Service Airport. Pack a quick-to-dry towel to sunbathe on and because it’s light, it will dry out quickly and will not take all your space in the bag.

Mesh slip-on water shoes

There are many trails to walk and places to hike in Waikiki. The diamond head is a memorable hiking place. You will walk in Kapiolani Park, enjoy a wildlife tour at Honolulu Zoo and shop at the International Market Place. Hawaii is a relatively warm state and sometimes it can be hot. Sometimes. Hiking boots might be uncomfortable on your feet. Some of the places Airport Transfer Hawaii will help you discover are muddy and your mesh slip-on water shoes will come in handy. They are breathable and light to walk in them.

Sun hat, conditioner, and sun cream

You might visit the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, USS Arizona Memorial, or Kalakaua Avenue, but your Waikiki tour will not be complete without taking a walk on the sunbaked sandy beaches. The sun is directly shining on the beaches and a sun hat will protect you from its bright rays. Seawater is salty and can break your hair. Carry a bottle of conditioner to treat your hair and don’t forget to pack sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

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