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Top Private Shuttle from Honolulu Airport to Disney’s Aulani Hotel and Resort Disney.

You can find Disney’s Aulani resort and spa on the leeward side (or westward) of Oahu Island. But, where you can really find Disney’s Aulani resort is in dreams. The dreams of kids, families, and everyone else who wants to see their favorite Disney characters (and so much more) in a Hawaiian paradise.

Just reading the name can make one think of “family.”

That’s exactly what Disney’s Aulani resort is: a vacation for the entire family. You can meet Mickey Mouse and everyone else from Disney there. Moreover, you’ll do so while in paradise on Earth: Hawaii. Instead of having to get your kids (and all of their luggage) onto a bus or into a cab, take our private shuttle.

We’ll make sure you arrive in comfortable style. Moreover, we’ll load and unload your luggage, too. To make things even easier, we have child car seats, too!
With our extra-large windows, you and your family can see all of the Hawaiian sights on the way! That means Pearl Harbor, lush greenery unlike anything else on Earth, the oceans, the mountains, and more.

We’ll pick you up right at the airport when you land, so you won’t have to wait around. It may only be a half hour or 45 minute trip from the airport to Aulani, but it will feel like the journey of a lifetime.

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