Honolulu Shuttle Service Tips: Safety Tips to Follow During Hawaii Tour

Waikiki Airport shuttle

Hawaii Island is a haven for adventure with more than enough activities to make your visit unforgettable. There are volcanic mountains to visit, hiking trails to discover, steep waterfalls, cliffs, beaches, wildlife parks, and towns to explore. Your safety is important when exploring these breathtaking scenes. Here are important safety tips to remember during your adventure.

 Always observe the weather

Hawaii is a mountainous tropical archipelago and sometimes it records heavy rainfall. If you are trekking out, visiting waterfalls, and going through valleys, it is important to observe the weather. It can rain heavily in another area and you suddenly encounter flash floods while in the middle of a valley or enjoying the calm waters below a waterfall. If there are signs of rainfall, avoid the valleys and keep to the higher grounds. If you are not sure which season to watch out more keenly for flash floods, the Waikiki Airport shuttle can advise you on which areas to watch out for.

 Safety in the ocean

Oceans offer you an immeasurable breeze, waves to surf, depths to explore, cliffs to view distant islands, and sand to sunbathe on. Despite the variety of activities offered by the ocean, things can turn out tragic if you fail to observe strict safety measures. While scuba diving, watch out for aggressive sea creatures. Beware of strong currents when swimming or surfing. The cliffs can be dangerous because you can slip and fall. Not all ocean shores in Hawaii are safe for you and your kids. Whales do visit in winter and some bays have deep waters. Always ask questions on safety during your guided tour with Honolulu Airport Shuttle.

Recheck your packing list before you leave

Your day out in Hawaii is memorable in all aspects but you must remember to pack the right items before you leave. Carry a map in case you miss the right trek and wonder in the mountains alone. Before your Honolulu Shuttle Service pick-up time arrives, confirm if your sunscreen is in your bag, you have enough drinking water, breathable footwear, and proper protective clothing. A compass in your hand can save you from losing direction. If you are going out solo, let someone know about it and your possible return time. It can be your hotel manager, a teammate, or a family member if you are a local traveler. Important Emergency numbers should always be in your phone book and notebook.

The wild is not always friendly

If you are to visit zoos and game parks, strictly follow safety tips from the wardens. Wild animals can be aggressive and you don’t want to be on the receiving end. Your climb to a volcanic mountain should not be without caution. In some areas, the ground can be weak against your weight. View marshy places from the edges and do not enter to avoid sinking in the mud.

Travel safe with GoGo Transportation

Hawaii is generally one of the safest places in the US. However, the unexpected can happen even with the best safety measures in place. We never compromise on your safety and health. We follow to the point the state’s COVID-19 protocols and we advise you on your safety during travel. Call today at (808) 436-0005 and enjoy a safe and healthy trip. 


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