Airport Transfer Hawaii on All The Ways You Can Reach the City from Airport

Airport Transfer Hawaii

Honolulu is world-famous for its gorgeous beaches and its legendary status as a surfing destination. You will find in the city many attractions to visit like famous restaurants, amazing shopping centers, historic landmarks, and more. The city is also home to most of Oahu’s population. It stretches across the southeastern shores of the islands. To go to this beautiful paradise, you will need a comfortable, fast, and reliable transport option like an Airport Transfer Hawaii.

Rent a car

Renting a car when in Hawaii will provide you with ease and flexibility. But it’s strongly recommended to book your transport before arriving on the island because cars sometimes aren’t available right away when you need them.

All of the major car rentals are at the airport and in some of the resorts. You can also find them near the interisland terminals.

Hire a shuttle for Airport Transfer Hawaii

Many of the most popular hotels and resorts in Oahu offer shuttle services from the airport to different stops around the city. These shuttles are very convenient, but they aren’t always complimentary.

Although these shuttles have several stops along with the city or the beach, they might operate on a limited schedule. Before you decide to take a shuttle, find out more about their schedules and fees. Usually, the hotel concierge and other employees will give you information about them.

Airport Transfer Hawaii

Ride the bus

Honolulu has its own island-wide bus transportation system provided by the City & County of Honolulu that serves the airport. These city buses arrive and leave from the airport at 30-minute intervals, depending on their route number. One thing to note is that bus operators don’t carry change and aren’t allowed to put your money in the farebox for you.

Another thing to remember when taking the bus is that the city ordinance prohibits the consumption of any beverages or foods, possessing or carrying any beverages or foods in a container that isn’t tightly covered, packaged, and closed. This minimizes the possibility of spillage should you shake or drop the container by accident.

Hail a taxi from the airport

Taking a taxi is one of the more expensive transfer options, especially compared to an Airport Transfer in Hawaii. But it is very convenient and fastest. Taxi fares charged by airport taxis get calculated using taximeters.

They base your fare on the distance and time traveled. You may also book a private shuttle beforehand for a set fee to the city and other popular tourist destinations.

Call us to bring you to the city in style

After dealing with crowded planes or delayed flights, it will be a relief to arrive at your destination in a comfortable, cool, luxury vehicle while seeing the sights that you will soon experience. Gogo Transportation will do this for you. Call us at (808) 436-0005 to learn more about our offered services.

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