Ko Olina Resort Shuttle to Take You Around the Best Beaches in Hawaii

Ko Olina Resort Shuttle

Ko Olina is a popular tourist haven located just 17 miles from Honolulu. This is a major resort in Oahu and taking a vacation here requires a lot of attentiveness. One thing you should not forget if your plan to visit is how to get there. Ko Olina Resort Shuttle will bring you to this ‘beachy’ paradise that’s both adventurous and safe. The beaches in Ko Olina welcome people of all ages. Here are some of the best beaches for you to visit.

Start by asking your Ko Olina Resort Shuttle to Ko Olina Resort

Ko Olina is on the west side of Oahu in the city of Kapolei and it consists of four lagoons.  If you will bring your kids along, you don’t have to worry about big waves because the waters here are very gentle and calm, making them ideal for young snorkelers.

Three of the lagoons are mainly used by the nearby resorts, although you may walk along the footpaths from one lagoon to the next and visit the hotels where you may have a meal.

Because of its perfect location, the lagoons of Ko Olina offer the most beautiful sunsets. This is a favorite hangout for the locals since most of the beaches on the west side of the island have big shore breaks with no public bathrooms or showers.

Ko Olina Resort Shuttle

Visit Tracks Beach Park

Tracks Beach Park might not be the nicest area on the island because it is along a busy highway and it’s near a power plant, but it is a relatively quiet destination with crystal-clear turquoise waters.

This beach is on a downward slant with many bushes and trees that provide shade and a barrier of sorts from the other side. This could be the perfect place for your pets, especially when they have spent too much time indoors. A visit here will be a respite for your furry friends.

Have Fun at Disney Au Lani Resort

This is the latest addition to the Ko Olina Lagoons resort area. This is a beautiful and spacious resort in the 1st beach lagoon your Ko Olina Resort Shuttle can take you to. The Aulani lagoon area is a lot like the other Ko Olina lagoons. Sometimes, it features a soft water pad on the water that you can climb on, dive off of, or swim to.

The Aulani also has its own version of a catamaran that sails in and out of the lagoon. It gives rides to Mickey Clubhouse Members and as a guest there, they will already consider you a member!

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