Is The Waikiki Airport Shuttle The Only Way To Travel In Oahu?

Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Want to travel to one of the well-known hotels close to Honolulu airport? For tourists who are looking forward to a holiday in Hawaii, thinking about transportation can be the difference between a really enjoyable holiday one that is full of stress and anxiety. There are several different options for transport from the airport to the hotel, and also different locations around the island, and thinking about these carefully before the flight can ensure that tourists can travel in comfort around the island. Waikiki Airport Shuttle is a list to help tourists to make the right choice for their needs.

Taxis And Ride Shares

The traditional method of traveling from any airport in America to the hotel is through the use of taxis. Unsurprisingly, the majority of local taxi firms have headquarters close to the airport, and this means that tourists can easily access this form of transport if they choose. There are plenty of taxi dispatchers in the main airport concourse, easily recognizable by their yellow shirts. Hiring a taxi can be very pricey, and tourists often end up paying $50 plus baggage fees and tips to be transported to the hotel. Any further transportation can be even more of a drain on the budget. Another vehicle hire option is ride shares, which are Uber and similar companies. There are pickup zones available near the terminals, and although they are cheaper than taxis, they are still quite costly for the service provided and are less reliable than established taxi firms.

Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Buses And The Waikiki Airport Shuttle

Another option is to choose either the bus or a specialist airport shuttle. The bus is the cheapest option available here, and there are many bus routes in the “island-wide transportation system” which should deliver tourists to a destination close to their hotels. To get the most from this service, it is important to realize that this is not a hotel drop-off bus and there are also baggage restrictions which can mean that travelers won’t be allowed to bring suitcases onto the bus. A much more convenient solution to this is one of the express shuttle options that transport passengers from the airport to their hotel for about $20 with baggage included. It is much more disability-friendly than other options, and allows passengers with larger baggage, including surfboards, to be transported easily to their destination.

Find Suitable Transportation Today

It is not always easy to find the right sort of transportation when planning a trip to Hawaii. All of the systems available have advantages and disadvantages, including cost, baggage restrictions, and accessibility. Taxis have to be found on the concourse, buses can be delayed, and hire cars can be unreliable which is why it makes sense for tourists to arrange to be picked up by the Waikiki Airport Shuttle team. Arranging your collection by our drivers makes transportation much less stressful, so reach out to us today using our online form or call us at 808-436-0005 now.

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