How Do I Make Use Of Honolulu Airport Transfers Shuttles?

Honolulu Airport Transfer

Hawaii is an ever-popular tourist destination both with Americans and those traveling from overseas. The majority of travelers arrive at Honolulu International airport, an entry point for both tourists and those arriving on business. Getting around after leaving the airport is a big concern for many visitors to the island, and there are practical considerations that may affect the type of transportation chosen. It is not always easy to make the right choice when trying to decide between transportation options when looking at the best way to make Honolulu airport transfers to a hotel, and Waikiki Airport Shuttle is here to offer travelers some advice.

Major Forms Of Transportation

Honolulu is a modern city and has many different transportation options available in the city, and across the wider island of Oahu. This includes vehicle rental, taxi, public transportation, and private shuttle services. There are difficulties and advantages to all of these, although the shuttle is probably the one that is most preferred by tourists who have considered their choices and made a selection based upon their comfort and the needs of those traveling with them. For example, although the buses are described by Go Hawaii as “fares are reasonable, routes are extensive and there are special visitor passes”, there are problems with transportation for those with disabilities or with excess or unusual baggage. Many tourists come to Hawaii with surfboards, which are sometimes not allowed on the bus. This would rule out public transportation options for many visitors. It should also be noted with car rental is that there is a high demand for these vehicles and a limited supply, so these need to be reserved some time in advance.

Honolulu Airport Transfer

Private Hire Vehicles

The majority of people arriving at Honolulu airport planning to go directly to the hotel choose private hire vehicles. This might include a taxi service, which is slightly different in Hawaii. While you can hire a taxi, in the majority of places including the airport, shopping centers, and the business district there are taxi stands, and hailing a cab is much less common. As an alternative to the taxi, many tourists looking for a transfer between the airport and their hotel choose a private hire shuttle service. This provides a convenient and affordable transportation service that can be pre-booked and is more convenient than taxi stands or queuing for the bus, particularly after a long journey on a plane.

Choose The Right Shuttle For Honolulu Airport Transfers

A shuttle to the major hotels from the airport is the best way to get the vacation off to the best possible start. Available shuttles can be hired in advance, so they are waiting for the plane when it lands. This makes it much more convenient for first-time tourists. Find out getting the very best service by speaking to Waikiki Airport Shuttle today, either by contacting us through our online form or by calling us at 808-436-0005 now.

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