Honolulu Shuttle Service for Going Around the Best Restaurants in Hawaii

Honolulu Shuttle Service

Hawaii is a paradise in the Pacific that has access to the bounty of the ocean coupled with favorable growing seasons. Because of this, local and fresh ingredients have become easily available. This makes Hawaii a restaurateur’s dream. Make it a point when you visit Hawaii to ask your Honolulu Shuttle Service to help you explore the best restaurants in a setting considered to be one of the most stunning places in the world.

Have some seafood at Mama’s Fish House

This restaurant has consistently made the list of must-try restaurants as rated by visitors and the locals. It’s no wonder that the customers keep coming back for more every year to savor the fine cuisine.

Mama’s Fish House has received the honor of being the “Mauiest” restaurant in Maui, but don’t expect to get cheap lunch prices here.

Dine in style at Lahaina Grill

If you’re looking for a restaurant where you can dine in elegance and style, have your Honolulu Shuttle Service bring you to the Lahaina Grill. The place is perfect for special occasions like romantic dinners.

Lahaina Grill offers elegant plating, rich flavors, an extensive list of wines, and impeccable service. After eating a delicious steak or a plate of fresh seafood, leave some room for dessert to complete your meal.

Although the restaurant has an upscale ambiance, dressing isn’t required. It’s recommended to book a reservation in advance unless you’re prepared for a long wait.

Honolulu Shuttle Service

Enjoy unique dishes at Eating House 1849

Many Hawaiians know about the Iconic Chef Roy Yamaguchi. He popularized Hawaiian-fusion food a couple of decades ago. Today, at Eating House 1849, Chef Roy has taken a delicious detour, as he has come up with dishes inspired by Spanish, Filipino, and Portuguese flavors.

The “plantation cuisine” of the restaurant will remind you of the immigrant dishes served in the mid-1800s when the 1st restaurant in Honolulu was called “Eating House”. The menu here changes seasonally as it depends on what the foragers, farmers, fishermen, and ranchers produce.

Have your Honolulu Shuttle Service bring you to Chef Chai

Chef Chai’s specialty, which the chefs prepare in elegance, is Asian-fusion cuisine. This restaurant, particularly its executive chef who also owns the place, is famous throughout the islands, as he owns several restaurants that have won many awards.

At Chef Chai, the flavors of the islands are perfectly combined with traditional Asian flavors and techniques. The result is a union of styles that have made both critics and customers happy. Any diner who enters the restaurant will feel satisfied with the quality of the food from their duck tacos to the filet mignon, chicken satay, lemongrass oxtail soup, and more.

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