Hawaii Airport Shuttle Experts on the Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

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The islands of Hawaii have so much to offer, from the quiet black-sand beaches to the restaurants where you can try inventive island cuisines to the wonderful flower gardens. You can visit this exotic paradise by booking your trip including your Hawaii airport transfer. All you need is some practical planning. You must plan ahead to ensure that you’re traveling at the best time for your dream getaway in Hawaii. Knowing the best time to visit Hawaii is an important part of your planning process.

Peak and off-peak seasons

Most people plan their visits to Hawaii when the weather conditions elsewhere aren’t good. This means that the peak season is from the middle of December to March or the middle of April. During this period, you can expect the prices to peak. Also, resort accommodations would be at full capacity. Specifically, the period between the last 2 weeks of December and the 1st week of January are the prime times to travel to Hawaii. If you’re planning to take your vacation during the peak season, make sure to book your car rental and hotel reservations as early as possible. Visiting the islands during the winter months tends to be a lot cooler and rainier, but doing so has its perks. For instance, during this time, humpback whales will also pay a visit to the islands. The late spring and fall are off-peak seasons. During these times, the most affordable rates become available and the islands will be less crowded.

Cheapest times to visit

A Hawaiian vacation during the peak season will be very expensive. Even the Honolulu Shuttle Service would cost more at this time. If you want to save money on your Hawaiian vacation, you need to make plans for the off-peak season or the “shoulder seasons.” Shoulder seasons in the islands are from March through the start of May, then from September until thanksgiving. Just remember that spring break will yield high traffic. This means higher prices too.

Surfing and whale watching

Hawaii is well-known for its sandy white beaches and shore waves where tourists and locals can indulge in year-round sunbathing and surfing. After the Honolulu Airport Shuttle brings you to your hotel and you’ve settled in, you can visit one of these beaches. If you like to surf, the island waves are usually much bigger during the winter months. If you’re a nature lover, you might want to join a whale-watching trip. The humpback whales visit Hawaii on their yearly migrations from January through May. This is also the time when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration completes its whale survey every year.

Visit Hawaii now

Hawaii has its own unique culture, customs, history, language, and food. The islanders and the state government continue to preserve these. You will find these nowhere in the other states in the US. Include in your itinerary some time to learn about the local ways to make your vacation more rewarding and richer. If you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii, call us at GoGo Transportation at (808) 436-0005 – we will make your trip worthwhile.

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